NFS Server in Proxmox CT, LXC, Container

I am going to start this guide off at the point of having made an unprivileged container. For this guide we are using a ubuntu 22.04 image.

Select your Proxmox server in the datacenter menu and open the Shell

Take note of your CTs id number

go to Shell

Enter the command

nano /etc/pve/lxc/<CT #>.conf

Add the below line at the bottom

lxc.apparmor.profile: unconfined 

Now go back to the Web Interface START the CT and open the console

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Use the command

apt install nfs-kernel-server -y 

To install the NFS server

After installing NFS server lets add a folder to store the shared data in

mkdir -p /srv/nfs4/backup

We now need to edit the exports file to tell the server what folder and how to share the folder

nano /etc/exports


exportfs -ar

to modify the exports file

Now it is time to start using your new NFS server

if you find that you have problems writing to the folder you might need to run

chmod 777 <file path>

This will loosen up the user write restrictions and allow everyone to write files to this folder.

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