How to unlock a LXC (Linux container) in Proxmox 7

If you had a backup or other operation fail, then you know the pain of having the a locked contained this short tutorial today is going to show you just how easy it is to unlock your container in Proxmox 7

The first thing that you’re going to want to do after discovering your locked container is to take note of the container ID number, today the container ID number that were going to be looking at is 1005. After taking note of the container ID number were going to select the Proxmox server that we want to use then we’re going to select the shell terminal.

After the shell terminal has fully loaded we want to enter the command PCT unlock then the container ID number after this command has been entered just press the enter key and it will run. If you see no error messages it has successfully completed and your container should be unlocked

$ pct unlock [ container ID number ]

Below you can see that our command has successfully unlocked our container. That is just how easy it is to unlock your container after a backup operation has failed.

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