How to Setup a SSD Read Cache for ZFS Pool – Part 2

As shown in part one of this series, adding a cache drives to ZFS pool is very easy. Tonight’s post is going to show you the needed command to set up and begin using a read cache drive with your ZFS pool.

The below video tutorial will take you through the steps of using the below, command. To configure your cache drive using your Proxmox web interface and shell terminal.


zpool add [Pool Name] cache [Drive Name]


Improve DNS security with DNSSEC recursive querying and filtering using Pi-Hole and Unbound

Add recursive DNS querying your previously set-up Pi-hole install using Unbound. This install with work for Pi-Hole setups on Raspberry Pi, ESXI, vSphere, Proxmox, or other KVM Hypervisors as well as those installed in lxc, lxd, or LXCFS containers or Linux Containers.

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